Kirkwood Pumps and Process

Product Demonstrations

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ACC Gross

Centrifugal Pump

Cut Away

HM Back Pullout

Pulp Side Entry

Pulp Top Entry

Dynamic Seal Expeller

RotaCut4 Blade Principles

RotaCut 4 Blade Maintenance

RotaCut Live Demonstration

Vogelsang Principle Industrial Pump

Industrial Pump Maintenance

Vogelsang - Wet End Rebuild for VX-Series Pumps

Disassembly of Wet End

Depressurizing the pump and removing the rotors. It’s important to remember to depressurize before removing the rotors!

Removing Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Installing O-Rings in Seal Cavity

Installing Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Installing Rotors

Setting Retaining Screw Torque

Filling Oil & Pressurizing

Cornell Pumps Videos

Bonneville Dam Fish Pump Test



DAF Introduction


Food Video


Pump School – Assembly and Disassembly

Refrigeration Seal Replacement

Sewage Bypass System

The Heart of Your System

Cycloseal Promo v5

Treatment Plant Video Update

Mining Video