Kirkwood Pumps and Process Covington LA

Other Industrial Equipment

Kirkwood Pumps & Process carries Other Industrial Equipment to meet your needs, including Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment, Mixers, Scales, and Water Conditioners.

Chemical-Free Water Treatment

Oil Spill Equipment

Industrial Mixers

HydroFlow Water Treatment


  • Wide Range of Applications
  • Non-Intrusive, Easy to Install
  • Does Not Depend on Water Flow
Megator Oil Spill Equipment


  • Skimmers and Strainers
  • Oil Boom
  • Oil & Water Separator
Hayward Gordon Industrial Mixers

Hayward Gordon

  • Top Entry Mixers
  • Dynamic Inline Mixers
  • Portable Mixers


Fairbanks Scales


  • Floor and Utility Scales
  • Bench Scales
  • Truck Scales